Here at Magic Needle, we believe in professional service, work, atmosphere and ethics.


We want to be your studio of choice.


We require a government issued photo ID of all customers for services.


In Texas, the Law requires you to be 18 years of age to receive a tattoo.



  Our thanks to parents that actually do visit our studio to check our facilities before they


approve of us to service their children.


We are proud to be the area's





Why choose us?


* Clean and professional atmosphere


* Hospital Type Autoclave sterilization


* Weekly "Spore Testing" of autoclave


* All services provided in private rooms


* Always single use needles


* We open the sterilized needles in your presence


* We dispose of all needles into sharps containers in your presence


*  Standard single piercings are $25; yes, it comes with free starter jewelry


* Member of the Better Business Bureau


* Member of Alliance of Professional Tattooists


* State license and inspected


* We are "MOM" approved!