Due to COVID-19, we are only working by appointments.


We request that if you have an appointment that you come alone, unless you are a minor getting a piercing in which case the parent must come with.



We require clients that have an appointment with us to wear a face covering and maintain a safe distance from other clients in the studio.



If you are not feeling well or have been in close contact with someone who has shown symptoms of COVID-19, we will need to reschedule you for another time.


Please wash or sanitize your hands when you enter the studio and before you leave.


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There is no minimum age requirements for body piercings. Minors may be pierced with parental consent as long as you meet requirements of 25 Texas Administrative code, 229.406(d).


 Basically, your parent, managing conservator, or legal guardian must accompany you. Both you and your parent must have a legal photo ID for you to receive service. (An under aged person may use a birth certificate AND a school ID (or yearbook picture with a birth certificate) a state issued ID or a passport.

If the minor and the parent have a different last name, a birth certificate or something showing they are the parent or legal guardian.


For regular ear lobe piercings, only the parent needs their ID.







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