Our body piercings start at $25 and come with free starter jewelry. We do just about everything from basic lobes to more exotic piercings.


There is no minimum age requirements for body piercings. Minors may be pierced with parental consent as long as you meet requirements of 25 Texas Administrative code, 229.406(d).


 Basically, your parent, managing conservator, or legal guardian must accompany you. Both you and your parent must have a legal photo ID for you to receive service. (An under aged person may use a birth certificate AND a school ID (or yearbook picture with a birth certificate) a state issued ID or a passport.

If the minor and the parent have a different last name, a birth certificate or something showing they are the parent or legal guardian.


For regular ear lobe piercings, only the parent needs their ID.


We DO NOT perform nipple piercings or genital piercings on anyone under 18 years old.




Piercing Prices

Angel bites $50 pair

Anti tragus $25

Anti brow $25

Apadravya $100

Bridge $25

Christina $50

Clitoral hood  $50

Conch $25 plain stud or ring/ $30 jeweled stud/ $30 Titanium plain ring

Cartilage (helix) $25 plain stud or ring/ $30 jeweled stud/ $30 Titanium plain ring

Daith $25 plain ring/ $30 decorative ring/ $30 Titanium plain ring

Dermal $50

Dydoe $50

Earlobe stud $30 a pair

Earlobe ring $25 per hole

Eyebrow $25

Frenum $50

Frowney $25

Fwd helix (anti helix) $25 plain stud or ring/ $30 jeweled stud/ $30 Titanium plain ring

Industrial $50/$60 Titanium

Labret $25

Lip $25

Medusa (philtrum) $25

Monroe $25

Nape $45

Navel $25 plain/ $35 jeweled

Nipple $25 each/$30 each Titanium

Nostril $25

Prince Albert $50

Rook $25

Septum $25/ $30 decorative

Smiley (upper lip frenulum) $25

Spider bites $50 pair

Snake bites  $50 pair

Tongue $25

Tongue web $25

Tragus $25 plain stud or ring/ $30 jeweled stud/ $30 plain Titanium ring

Vertical labret $25


Piercing Aftercare

Useful Information