Piercings start at $25 and includes the starter jewelry.

A jewelry upgrade is available at an additional cost for most piercings.

There is no minimum age requirements for body piercings. Minors may be pierced with parental consent as long as you meet requirements of 25 Texas Administrative code, 229.406(d).


 Only a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN ( with guardianship papers from the court) can bring a minor in for a piercing. Minors must have ID such as a state issued ID or a passport. A school ID AND a birth certificate can be used if the minor does not have a government issued ID. If the minor and parent do not share the same last name, a birth certificate will be needed.


For regular ear lobe piercings, only the parent needs their ID.


We offer infant lobe piercings. We require that the baby be at least 3 months of age. These piercings are only done by appointment which must be set up directly through the piercer.

Appointment times are always at noon when there is an opening in the schedule.