Magic Needle Studio

Our tattooing rate is $100 an hour. We have a $50 minimum charge.

We often do "Tapout" specials where you can get tattooed for as long as you can sit that day for a fixed price. Tapout sessions are done by appointment only.

We have kept the same prices for 15 years, but due to the rise in cost of supplies and business expenses,

we are raising our hourly custom rate to $120 an hour starting July 1st.

Repair work and flash art will still be done at $100 an hour.


Our piercings start at $25 and includes free starter jewelry.


We do offer ear piercing for children. Please call the studio and talk to Ray to see what you would need to bring for your child.


Looking for something different?


You'll find an interesting selection of jewelry at Magic Needle.


(Gold, surgical steel 316LVM, titanium & sterling silver).


We special order on request, deposit required.


Pricing of our basic jewelry, (18g, 16g, 14g, ), starts at $10.00.


Why buy it, get your piercing here and we include the basic jewelry free.


Did you lose a bead or a ball to your body jewelry?



Don't worry, we carry a selection of replacement pieces to save you $$$